OK Boomer: Part III 

<1 Hour

This course focuses on trending social issues.

Intro : Karen

Who is Karen?

<5 minutes

Chapter 1 : QAnon

Learn about the conspiracy theories which created turmoil in 2020.

<5 minutes

Chapter 2 : #StopTheSteal

2020 Represented one of the most contested elections ever.

<5 minutes

Chapter 3 : 4chan

Learn more about one of the most controversial websites ever.

2 minutes

Chapter 4 : Incels

Learn about the Incel movement.

<5 minutes

Chapter 5 : Anti Vax

With a world in the midst of a pandemic, this topic has gained strong interest.

<5 minutes

Chapter 6 : Superhero Movies

What’s with all of these superhero movies?

<5 minutes

Chapter 7 : Recreational Drugs

Learn more recreational drugs.

<5 minutes

Chapter 8 : Defund the Police

What do people mean when they say defund the police?

<5 minutes

Chapter 9 : ANTIFA

What is ANTIFA? Should you be concerned?

<5 minutes

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